08 April 2011

.W or d z.

" Life's not about the destination,
It's the journey that counts,
so enjoy ur life,
laugh out loud, cry less, complain less,
Live lie like it's ur Last Day.."

" Life's not about what happen to u,
but what u do about it,
u can't decide the wind,
but u can adjust the sail.."

" Life,
to love it or to loathe it?
it's your own choice,
it's your life,
not mine.."

" Being a woman is a terribly difficult task,
since it consists principally dealing with men.."

" True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.."

" Setiap kesusahan itu disebaliknya kesenangan,
Setiap kepahitan itu disebaliknya kemanisan,
Itu Janji ALLah,
Dia lebih mengerti.."

kata2 dari kawan ak..die amat rajin send kate2 kat, ak save..then ni jela yg ak save.. :)

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